Proper estate planning is a critical component to designate your final wishes and to protect your assets for your heirs.  Donna M. Quinn, Esq., a Metrowest Estate Planning Attorney, will guide you through the process of creating the necessary legal documents to accomplish your intent and secure appropriate distribution of your assets in accordance with your wishes.

Your estate plan should include provisions to assist you and your heirs or the personal representative responsible for administering your final affairs.  The Law Offices of Donna M. Quinn, P.C.  will work with you to avoid or minimize tax liabilities at both the federal and state level as well as to avoid or minimize the probate process.

Attorney Quinn, a Metrowest Estate Planning Lawyer, provides estate planning services including:

  • Wills – A legal document providing direction for the distribution of your assets upon your death
  • Health Care Directive – Provides guidance to your family and caregivers in how to administer your healthcare should you be unable to make the decisions for your healthcare
  • Health Care Proxy – Designates another party to make medical decisions on your behalf if you should become incapacitated
  • Designation of Personal Representative/HIPAA Authorization – Appoints a personal representative with regard to all medical and other health related decisions as well as authorizing the use or disclosure of protected health information to that representative
  • Durable Power of Attorney – Designates another party to make financial decisions on your behalf should you become unable to do so
  • Intervivos Trusts – Trusts created for clients use during their lifetime to establish regular income and/or to manage your funds to avoid the expense and delay of the probate process.  The Trust will contain instructions about the distribution of assets without the need for probate.  Probate is a time consuming process and expense which can be avoided or minimized through proper estate planning.
  • Nomination of a Guardian – Provides for designation of a legal guardian for any minor children after death
  • Nominee Trusts/Realty Trusts – Holds title to real estate to avoid the probate process as well as to maintain family confidentiality

Contact Attorney Quinn, an experienced Estate Planning Attorney, to assist you in drafting and structuring your Estate Plan. Please contact the Law Offices of Donna M. Quinn, P.C. for a confidential consultation.